The goal of Thee One True TOPI Tribe is to develop self-sufficient, autonomous, and creative communes and collectives, based on Loyalty, Generosity and Pandrogeny, in preparation for a future of uncertainty.

If you are willing to embrace change, discipline and creativity, WE WANT YOU!

In setting up physical centers to maximize creativity through shared resources, we are guided by the values of;


Our strategy consists of seven actions. While all the actions should be taking place concurrently, each one focuses on a particular (r)evolutionary phase, the final one returning to the first to begin the process again. The activities are:

ACTIVATE: Seek out the hotspots, touch hands, gather Thee Tribe and form your coum-UNITY
BUILD: Discover what it will take for Thee Tribe to thrive in the world, build resilience and create a viable future
CREATE: Create, make, discover, sigilize, express with and for Thee Tribe
CHANGE: Break sex, mutate, engage with the need for transformation with and for Thee Tribe.
LEARN: Develop the skills needed to understand the world, maintain Thee Tribe’s existence and teach others
SHARE: Give away what you have built, created and learned as a gift to Thee Tribe
MOVE: Engage with Thee Tribe’s nomadic existence, move to new locations and ACTIVATE new hotspots.

If you would like to find out more, read the original mission statements, check out the resources, connect with Thee Tribe or contact us.